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Myers - Nelson Family Tree

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Let me know what you think!

WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOU!  Do you share my interest in geneology? Want to comment on some of the photos-info in this album, or point me toward some of your own photos? We have a very interesting family background and I'd like to know more about each family branch so Please get in touch and tell me all about your family!

EMAIL ME: Just click the address at the bottom of this page to send me mail.  Looking forward to hearing from you!
ABOUT ME:  I'm a Christian wife and mother of three. I've lived in Historic New Boston all my life. I'm a sixth generation family member to live in Mercer County.
My linage =
  1. Gen #1 Col Andrew & Mary Lloyd Myers.
  2. Gen #2 WM Perry & Mary Elizabeth Westerblow Mattson-Myers.
  3. Gen #3 Nels & Mary Ora Myers Nelson.
  4. Gen #4 Carl Raymond & S. Marie Cooley Nelson-Snyder.
  5. Gen #5 Mike Russell SR & Carolyn Louise Nelson Russell
  6. Gen #6 (ME, Siblings & Cousins) Jamie Dawn Nelson-Russell Paul.
  7. Gen #7 My Children, Siblings Children and Our Cousins Children.
  8. Gen #8 Some of my cousins have grandkids... SO we are now up to EIGHT Generations and growing strong!

    I have quite a bit of family history, newspaper clippings, obituaries and photos of family and friends that I'll be sharing here.

    I came from a long line of very interseting family who left their mark all over history! Because of this, I'm a huge history buff and very much into geneology. We live in a very historic area and I don't feel there are enough info websites that even come close to describing the history here! It's one of my goals to do what I can to help share what ever history I can.....

Besides geneology and spending quality time with my family, another love in life is working with Children.  I own and operate my own Day Care. 

I've worked with Children since I was 13 years old: babysitting, teaching Sunday School/Bible School as well as being a Girl Scout Leader and helping with the Boy Scouts!  I would love to share some my passions in life with you.  If you get a chance check out my Youth Ministry Website!
THANKS for taking the time to spend with me through the pages of this website.  I hope you enjoyed it...come back and visit again soon!  You'll never know what treasures you might find.
TTFN ~ In the Love of Christ
Your "Cousin"
Rev. Jamie Dawn Nelson-Russell Paul
MY LOVE and MY LIFE ~ My Family
Jeff, Jamie, Jayde, Jayson & Jeffrey Jaycob

My Love.....
Me & My Husband

and My LIFE
Our Beautiful Kids

If You Have family info, photo's, ideas to share PLEASE be sure to contact me.....our family history will not be complete until you contact me!
OR find me on FACEBOOK ~ Jamie Dawn (Nelson-Russell) Paul