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Myers - Nelson Family Tree

2nd & 3rd Generation MYERS - MANNON DESCENDANTS


Parents of Jane, William Perry, Sarah, Mary Ann, Margaret, Orpha, Levi, Matilda & Loiusa


Jane Myers, born 12/15/1818, Tarlton, Ohio
William Perry Myers, born 12/13/1820,Pickaway County, Ohio
Sarah A. Myers, born 9/13/1822, Pickaway County, Ohio
Mary Ann Myers, born about 1823, Pickaway County, Ohio
Margaret Myers, born 1824-26, Pickaway County, Ohio
Orpha B. Myers, born 9/1/1827 Pickaway County, Ohio
Levi W. Myers, born about 1830, Indiana
Matilda Myers, born about 1833, Indiana;
Louisa Myers, born about 1837, Indiana

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12/15/1818 - 00/00/1912

JANE MYERS MANNON The oldest child born to Andrew & Mary Lloyd Myers was Daughter Jane. She was born 12/15/1818, Tarlton, Pickaway County, Ohio.  In 1826 when she was 10 years old, her family emigrated from Ohio to Wayne County, Indiana where they remained until 1836, when again they took up their flight westward in the autumn of that year and found a new home in Mercer County, IL.
Jane Myers married Cyrus Tribute Mannon in Mercer County on 4/14/1842 according to Illinois licensing records.
They settled at once beside Jane's father's home in the Morth West part of New Boston Township, in Mercer County, IL (click here to SEE MAPS on 1st Generation page of this site).  Here they accumulated a fine farm of some 200 acres, and a good home, and at this place thier six children were born.
In 1860 Cyrus age 44 and Jane age 32 were living in New Boston Township next to Andrew and Mary Myers.  After the death of Cyrus, Jane went to live with or at least visit relatives in Kansas because she is found in the 1880 census in Harvey County, Kansas, next door to Henry Prouty (who married her daughter Elvira)
During her 33 years of widowhood she lived part of the time in Mercer County, IL, and part in Kansas.  Finally going to Whittier, California, living there some three and one half years, when she passed away in death Feb 12, 1912.
She was a noble mother, not only to her own children, but her grand and great-grand children, and had she lived to be two months older, she might have enjoyed the unusual distinction of beholding her own grand daughter's grandchild, making her a great, great grandmother.  She was greatly beloved and respected by all who know her. ( SEE a photo of 4 Generations including Jane Myers Mannon, her son Arthur Warren Mannon, Grand daughter Lura (Mannon) Ballard and Great Grandson Lyle Ballard in Don Severs photos @ Vol #25 - 29 Ryals, Mannon, Huston album pg # 5)
Jane died 1912 in Mercer County, IL and is buried in New Boston Cemetery. *The Mannon Bible says she died in Whittier California, but if she did she was brought back to Illinois for burial.

4/5/1816 - 4/28/1879

CYRUS TRIBUTE MANNON Cyrus Tribute Mannon was the son of Aaron and Sally Scott (Wharton) Mannon. He was born 4/5/1816 in Wayne County, Indiana, and died 4/28/1879 in Mercer County, Illinois. He is buried in New Boston Cemetery. There apparently was a Mannon Family Bible taken to Kansas by son-in-law Henry Prouty. That Bible gives a birthdate of 1815 for Cyrus. Since both tombstone and bible records can be unreliable it is impossible to know which is correct. The Bible gives Cyrus's marriage place as Clinton, Ohio, but the marriage record is found in Mercer County. The Records state that Cyrus Mannon married Jane Meirs on 4/14/1842 in Mercer County.  Census records list Cyrus's occupation as a farmer.


Cyrus Tribute Mannon spent his childhood days with his parents at their Indiana home.  He came with his father to Illinois in 1836, when at the age of 20 years and assisted hime in building his first home of hewn logs that they built on lower Eliza Creek, in which his father lived until he died.

As a young man, in a timbered country, and very little of the land fit for or ready for cultivation, he decided to learn some trade, his father was a skilled patternmaker for metal mouldings, his elder brother, John Hartford Mannon, has already mastered the trade of millbuilding, or known as a millwright, his brother Richard Wharton Mannon, a house carpenter, he had an excellent opportunity to get ideas of all of them, and being a man that never satisfied with being ordinary in anything, learned all he could form observation and instruction.  Then he began to elaborate upon, and develop his trade into a real art and was able to make any part of a mill.  He continued with his trade until his marriage, when he turned farmer.

Cyrus was considered a very fortunate young man when he won the hand of Jane Myers.  Jane was one of the foremost and highly respected ladies of her time.

While his ambition was such as he knew not fatigue, the physical man could not keep pace with the mental man.  Cyrus had suffered a terrible spell of sickness when he was a boy of 18, that left the physical part of him handicapped as long as he lived, and no doubt was the direct cause of his last sickness, and ultimately his death.  Throughout his life, notwithstanding his misfortune in health, he did what he was able to, and being a good manager and attentive to his interests, he accumulated a competence.

He was a great reader and thinker and lived considerably in advance of his time, and many things that he advocated, that were scoffed at then, have since become a reality.


ALL Info in RED Type was taken from Mannon Family History Recorded ~ by Duane Flewelling and Sent to me By; Don Severs descendant of John Hartford Mannon THANK YOU DON!

(Part of the introductions contains this paragraph: In many of these facts we are sure we are right, in most of them we know we are right. The dates have been compared with county records from Maryland to Oregon. A great many cemeteries have been visited, hundreds of letters have been answered, so with the slight chance of typographical error, or oversight in the copy proof (which will be guarded) no mistakes will exsist and it may be considered authority).


Samual Mannon, (Aaron Mannon's grandfather) had often related that his great grandfather was a Count and that he was stricken with cholera and that he died at sea and that the Countess with a tiny babe came near dying, but that her life was spared until she landed. Being unaccustomed to the manner of living that she must endure, and with health undermined on the voyage, she soon perished. The child was taken by friendly colonists and reared to manhood by them. It is also undisputed French history that there was a Count Mannon, and during the persecution of the Huguemots he was proscribed or marked for death, and when he heard of the fact fled by night to England, where he deposited his fortune and shipped to America to join his countrymen. On board the ship mid ocean the cholera broke out and he died, as did most of the passengers and crew. It is also an historical fact that there was an unclaimed account in the Bank of England, and also a Chateau in Southern France for a century credited to Count Mannon.

It is impossible at this date to prove that these two facts are identical, but one is admitted history and the other had no reason to be doubted, and the fact that the name Mannon is always traced to the one family makes it worthy of belief and possible acceptance.


Samual Mannon was a planter and had an estate of considerable proportions, owning many slaves as is the Bowman Family. His son, whose name (it is believed to be) Sammual, met and was enaored with one Mary Bowman.  The Mannon property carried the following names: Elizabeth's Fancy, Buckhorn Thicket, Bond's Forest, Mannene Delight and Barbadoes. Samual's wife's name was Hannah and they had ten children (No birth dates are mentioned for their children)


  • Samual - married Mary Bowmen (Aaron Mannon's Parents)
  • Joseph
  • Richard
  • Abraham - married Rachel Williams on Dec 20, 1788
  • Elizabeth - married _____ Hare
  • Rachel - married _____ Lane
  • Sarah - married _____Wisner
  • Margaret - married _____ Majors
  • Mary - married _____ Trainers
  • Tacy - married _____ Lane

The elder Samual died in March of 1803 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Aaron Mannon, a son of Samual Mannon and Mary (Bowman) Mannon, was given to this world in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, on Dec 5, 1782. While little is known of his boyhood life, we have from his own lips that he was taken by his Grandfather Mannon when he was a baby and lived with him until he was 18 years of age.  After young Aaron is taken by his grandfather, Mary Bowman or Mary Mannon returns home to her family and all trace of her is lost.

Aaron left his grandfather's home at the age of eighteen, never to communicate with his relatives again. He seemed to have a grievance that he told few and then only when pressed and avoided the subject as much as possible.

Sometime in the '40s, Aaron Mannon received a letter from a Mary Bowman, saying she "thought she was a half sister of his and would like to hear from him,". He, Aaron admitted she was, but that his mother had married a man by the name of Bowman, who was her cousin, and he added further, "they had never done anything for his good, nor tried to help him any, and he cared nothing for them and would ignore them," which he did and never spoke to them afterward.

Aaron started out westward and continued through the sparsely settled country, finally locating in Kentucky where he must have learned the patternmakers trade, as we hear him next working as a pattern maker in Covington, Kentucky. He worked at this occupation for some ten years. It was at this time when he met and married Sally Scott Wharton, daughter of Richard and Sally (Scott) Wharton. Sally was born on the 6th day of July, 1794 in Kentucky. Aaron and Sally Scott Wharton were united in Holy bonds of matrimony, Nov 1st, 1810.

These children were born to Aaron & Sally Scott (Wharton) Mannon, in Wayne County Indiana: (These dates were proven by the origianl family record, which at the time of this writting was in the possession of P.M. Mannon, Unionville, Missouri).


  • John Harford.............. November 5, 1811
  • Richard Wharton.........November 13, 1813
  • Cyrus Tribute..............April 5, 1816
  • Samual Rice................March 9, 1818
  • Amos Preston..............July 6, 1820
  • Mary Amelia................September 15, 1822
  • James Monroe.............September 16, 1823
  • Zerilda E. ...................April 19, 1826
  • Aaron M
  • Sally W. (Twins) .......April 18, 1829

DEATH OF A YOUNG MOTHER & HER TWINS: The care of so large a family, the heavy work of such a poor family was too much for the little mother, who was married young and never was strong. Sally Mannon never left her bed after the birth of her twins Aaron M. & Sally W. on April 18, 1829. She died 11 days after their birth. Baby Aaron M. lived but two days and Baby Sally W, died May 5, 1829 at 1 month and 5 days old.

The little mother was buried under an apple tree on the home farm, only a few rods from the house in Wayne County, Indiana. At her death on April 29, 1829 she was only 34 years, 10 months, and 23 days old. In all she and Aaron had been married nineteen years. In that time she gave birth to 10 children.

Unless her remains have been removed to some permainate cemetery, she sleeps in the same place she was laid to rest and that spot is most likely forgotten.

James Monroe Mannon, the seventh child and sixth son of Aaron and Sally Scott (Wharton) Mannon was scarcely five and one half years old when his weary young mother gave up her life, and he was left motherless and heart broken. He often told family, that one of his youngest memories was of him standing out by the old apple tree in the yard only a few rods from the kitchen door and seeing them lower his dearest friend into the mold, and he still a tiny child used to like to go to her new made grave and stay until they would take him away, because he thought he could be near her.

Not long however, he was fortunate in having a kinkly lady for a step-mother, and she took her place in the home and in their hearts so well that all concerned considered themselves fortunate. Perhaps as near a place of their own mother as any woman could.


In 1830, on June 29th Aaron married his second wife, she was a widow, by the name of Miriam Hill, and a native of North Carolina. Miriam Hill was born on the 19th day of April, 1792 to quaker parents being descendants of the Penn stock and was reared in Wake County, North Carolina near Raleigh, the capital. To this last union was born one child, a daughter,

  • Selina........................May 2, 1831


  • Salinda Mannon, born about 1831, Wayne Co, Indiana
  • Sylvester Mannon, born about 1832, Wayne Co, Indiana
  • They also raised granddaughter, Sarah Ellen Mannon who was the daughter of Aaron's son Samual Rice Mannon by his first marriage

Previous to her marriage to Aaron Mannon, as his second wife, she was widowed by a man named Hill. To her first union, a daughter was born,

  • Ahinoam Hill was born on January 9, 1812.

Ahinoam Hill was married to John Hartford Mannon September 26, 1830 (the same year as her mother, to her mother's stepson, who of coarse was no kin to her).

><> <>< ><> <>< ><> <>< ><> <>< ><> <>< ><>

Aaron Mannon is the progenitor of the Mercer County Mannons. He was born about 1782 in Maryland and died 11/18/1860 in Mercer County. He is buried in the Eliza Cemetery.

"There is a curious story about Cyrus Mannon's brother, Richard Wharton Mannon.  According to family lore Richard left the family early, heading to California in the gold rush with an uncle named, James Mannon. While Richard was away the family immigrated to Mercer County, Illinois, and he did not reconnect with them until he was an old man! "
Mannon History by Duane Flewelling in pdf format provided to me By Don Severs descendant of John Hartford Mannon Don also sent me this photo of Cyrus and his sons.

Oscar Penbroke, Arthur Warren, & Clayton Hale

(as recorded by Mannon Family Historians)
All were born in New Boston Township, Mercer County, ILLINOIS
  • Son Oscar Penbroke Mannon, born Jan 28, 1843
  • Daughter Amanda Alice Mannon, born Jan 6, 1845
  • Twins Clayton Hale and Clara Irene Mannon, born Mar 4, 1850
  • Son Arthur Warren Mannon, born July 4, 1852
  • Daughter Elvira (Elvy) Orlean Mannon, born Sept 1, 1854

About the Children of Jane & Cyrus:

Oscar Penbroke Mannon, the eldest child of Cyrus Tribute and Jane (Myers) Mannon, was born January 29, 1843 near New Boston, Illinois, Mercer County.
There is a small article in the Aledo Weekly Record, August 25, 1875: "Mr. O. P. Mannon went to California about a year ago.  He has returned to Mercer County to make his home." 
Oscar came near being an old bachelor before he met the one of his choice, and married Miss Sarah Eliza Winger of Millersburg, Illinois on January 1, 1880. She was born near Millersburg, Illinois on November 26th, 1853 and died and is buried in the Aledo Cemetery, in Mercer County, IL in 1934.  Before her marriage to Oscar Sarah had always made her home with her father, Richard Winger, at his farm two miles east of that place.
At the time of her marriage with Oscar, she was one of Mercer County's foremost school teachers. To Oscar and Sarah were born five children
  • Lena............................November 30, 1880
  • Harry...........................July 24, 1882
  • Alice...........................May 23, 1884
  • Gwen..........................April 4, 1886
  • Leona.........................April 1, 1892
Shortly after their marriage they moved to Parsons, Kansas where their oldest child Lena was born.  After two years in that state he decided to move back to Illinois, and farmed for two years in Millersburg Township where Harry was born.  Then he purchased a farm near New Boston, Illinois and at this place their last three children were born.  On this farm, Oscar became noted as a fancy stock breeder, and his herd of purebread Poland-China swine was known to stockmen throughout the central west.  Later he moved to Aeldo, Illinois, where he became engaged in stationary, book and news business. 
Oscar's Family was found in New Boston in 1900: #124 Oscar P. Mannon, Jan 1843, Il, In, Oh 57, married 20 years, farrier; Sarah E., Nov 1854, 45, 5 children born, 5 living, Il, Oh, Oh; Lena, Nov 1880, 19, Ks; Harry, July 1882, 17, Il; Alice May 1884, 16, Il; Gwen, Apr 1886, Il; Leona Apr 1892, Il.
About 1908, they went to Whittier, California.
  1. Lena married Wm Brought, December 29th, 1904 and lived in California
  2. Harry married February 14th, 1906, his wife being Iva Hinds of Aledo, Illinois. They lived in Anaconda, Montana.
  3. Alice married St Clair Durning of Aledo, Illinois, June 30th, 1904. She died may 12th, 1906, leaving two little boys, who wear raised by their grandmother Durning of Mercer County, Illinois.
  4. Gwen died in Aledo, Illinois, July 11th, 1905.  She and Alice are both buried in Aledo, Illinois. 
  5. (At the time of this writting) Leona was living at home with her parents in Whittier, California

GWEN MANNON age 19 years
04/04/1886 - 07/11/1905


PLEASE NOTE: Prior to Don Severs sending me this Mannon Family History Daughter GWEN was mistaken for an only son named OWEN and her sister ALICE was mistakenly identified as OWEN'S WIFE. THANKS AGAIN DON!

As for Gwen & Alice:  I visited the Aledo Cemetery and found the graves of this family & confiemed this info. I also have a photo which is signed on the back: "For Aunt Mary & Ora. Gwen Mannon age 19"  Just under the signature it says: Died July 11, 1905.  Since Gwen Mannon died in 1905, this photo had to be taken just prior to her death.

01/06/1845 - 03/03/1869



AMANDA ALICE MANNON LARRANCE FAMILY Amanda Alice Mannon, was the second child and first daughter of Cyrus Tribute and Jane (Myers) Mannon, (listed as just Alice in the family photo album) was born January 6, 1845 near New Boston, Mercer County, IL.  She married Noah Noble Larrance of New Boston on 11/28/1864.

Children of Amanda Alice & Noah Noble Larrance: Amanda Alice & Noah had 2 daughters; both were born in New Boston:

  • Maude C. Larrance, born November 12, 1865
  • Rose Alice Larrance, born October 12, 1867

Sadly though, Amanda (Alice) died on 3/2/1869 at the young age of 24.  She is buried in the New Boston Cemetery. The girls being very small when they lost their mother, were taken by their grandparents (Mannon), who reared and educated them just as carefully as their own children and with whom they lived until grown.


About Amanda Alice & Noah's Daughters: After the death of Amanda (Alice) her daughters Maud (age 3) and Rose Lawrence (age 1), were raised by their grandmother, Jane (Myers) Mannon.  The girls are found in the 1870 Census on the farm of their grandparents Cyrus T. and Jane Mannon and again in the 1880 census they are found with Grandma Jane in Harvey County, Kansas living next door to the Henry Prouty family. Alice's sister, Elvy Mannon, was married to Henry Prouty. Elvy was an aunt to the two Larrance girls. (*NOTE ~ See more Prouty info & Pictures Below)




Maude Larrence was the elest daughter of Noah and Amanda Alice (Mannon) Larrance, she married William Lawrence Spore in 1888 in Newton, Kansas. William was born Sept 22, 1858 in Shebyville, Illinois.  They had one son, born in Newton, Kansas.

  • Lawrence Elmo, Born Dec 25, 1890

Maude was a graduate nurse, specializing in maternity work. The family lived in Watago, Oklahoma until 1906, then they lived near Paonia, Coloado, where Mr Spore was a fruit farmer.

Lawrence Elmo Spore Lawrence Elmo Spore, the only child of William Lawrence and Maude (Larrance) Spore, was born Dec 25, 1890 at Newton, Kansas. He was a druggist clerk in Paonia, Colorado.

. (NOTE: Marriage data from Carol Vidales, this is the first time I've heard the surname Spore.  But Jill & Nadine's Website states that "A descendant of David & Rachel Commons married Mattie Larrance?, sister of Rose Larrance who married U. S. Grant Commons".  Maybe this is Maude and since it states he's a decendant of the Commons family, he very well could have been decended of a female and would not necessarily have the Commons surname.  I'm still searching for dates and children from these unions and I'll update ASAP.)

(CORRECTION:  Received this info from Carol Vidales Sept 6, 2007 ~ Well, as it turns out, an error was made here.  Mattie Larrance Commons was NOT a sister of Rose, though they were cousins.   Martha Jane "Mattie" Larrance (1865-1910) married William G. Commons (1856-1925).   Mattie Larrance was a daughter of William & Mary Hester Larrance, a grandaughter of John & Ruth Mills Larrance, and a great grandaughter of Richard & Jane Hammond Larrance.  William was a son of Philip Sylvanus Commons and a grandson of David & Rachel Commons. 

Maud & Rose Larrance (daughters of Amanda Alice & Noah Noble Larrance) descend from a brother of Richard Larrance, namely Peter Larrance.  Noah Noble Larrance was a son of Jonathan Larrance who was a son of Peter Larrance.  So, Maud & Rose were 3rd cousins of Mattie.

Carol also sent me research that answered my questions on the SPORE Surname ~ THANK YOU CAROL!)


Rose Larrance was the youngest daughter of Noah and Amanda Alice (Mannon) Larrance. She married U. S. Grant Commons in 1882 in Newton, Kansas.  U.S. Grant Commons was the son of Enos and Margret Myers Clark, he was born in Mercer County, Illinois on February 25, 1862NOTE: Margaret Myers Clark is a sister to Jane Myers Mannon who was the grandmother of Rose Larrance Commons.

Children of Rose (Larrance) and U.S. Grant Commons Rose & Grant Commons had three Children

  • Alice Ruth.........................May 17, 1883
  • Enos Larrance...................Sept 22, 1884
  • Casper Glendore...............Sept 29, 1887

Grant Common was a wood dealer and at the time of this writting (since 1906) they lived in Portland, Oregon.

Alice Ruth Commons Alice Ruth Commons was the eldest child and only daughter of U.S. Grant and Rose (Larrance) Commons. She was born in Newton, Kansas. She married F. Williams on June 6, 1906.  F. Williams was born March 9, 1873 in Electric Alabama.

Enos Larrance Commons Enos Larrance Commons, the second child and first son of U.S. Grant and Rose (Larrance) Commons, and named after his Grandfather, Enos Commons. He was born in Newton, Kansas.  Enos married Alta McLaughlin on June 29, 1909.  Alta was born February 1, 1886 in Dodge City, Kansas.  They had one daughter:

  • Flora Rosalie............................April 13, 1912

(It was she who was Jane (Myers) Mannon's grt-grt grandchild.)

Casper Glendore Commons Casper Glendore Commons was the third child and second son of U.S. Grant and Rose (Larrance) Commons.  He was born in Newton, Kansas.  Glen married Emma Saften, November 4, 1911.  Emma was born January 15,1890 in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  No children are recorded for this couple.


More About Rose Larrence Commons' Husbands Family: Enos Commons was the son of Nathan and Martha (Beard) CommonsNathan was the son of William and Sarah Brady Commons of Pennsylvania. Martha was the daughter of Patrick Beard of Wayne County Indiana.

Enos (1st) married Delilah (Possible surname Sanders) in Wayne County 10/28/1819. They had a son while living in Wayne County, Indiana

  • Nathan Commons, born September 5, 1839

 Sometime after the 1840 census, Enos and family moved to Mercer County, Illinois, along with Beard descendants. Enos's sister, Hannah evidently accompanied them. Hannah married Mahlon Sanders 8/1/1843 in Mercer County.

Additional Children of Enos & Delilah Commons These four children were born to Enos & Delilah in Mercer County, Illinois:

  • Louisa J. Commons born 5/27/1841, died 8/12/1841
  • (TWINS) John & Martha Commons born & died 10/7/1849
  • Jasper Commons, born November 31, 1843

Infants: Louisa, John & Martha are all buried in the Mannon Cemetery located in New Boston Township in Illinois.

Illness was rampant in Mercer County in the 1840's. A sick list was published in the local newspaper and Enos Commons himself was on the list 3/17/1847.  Delilah Commons died 6/3/1852 and is buried in the Mannon Cemetery.

Enos Commons Remarries Enos Commons (2nd) marrage was to Margaret Myers Clark on 9/28/1852 in Mercer County.  Margaret was the widow of James Clark. (See More 2nd & 3rd Generations page for more info on Enos & Margarets Family)

After finding Carol Vidales' webpage I DO believe this IS Noah

Noah Noble Larrance:  Noah was the son of  Jonathan & Elizabeth Larrance, and Grandson of Peter Larrance.  After Amanda's death Noah Noble Larrance is found in the 1870 census living with his brother Americus Vespucci Larrance and family as well as working in his livery stable.
*(PLEASE NOTE: The Larrance name also appears as LAWRENCE.  You can find more info on this family and see photos of Noah, Americus and other decendants on Carol Lawrence Vidales' Home Page 
Noah Noble Larrance came to Mercer County with his family in 1837 from Indiana.  Noah was most likely named for the Indiana governor, Noah Noble.  Many children in the 1800's were named after admired public figures.  Shortly after coming to Mercer County Noah's father Jonathan Larrance died on 9/26/1845, and his mother Elizabeth Swafford Larrance died sometime between 1842-1850.  After their deaths the children of Jonathan and Elizabeth were probably raised by relative named Laura A. Swafford who married George Ralston.  The Larrance children are found living with Laura and George in the 1860 census.
After the death of Noah's first wife (Amanda Alice Mannon) he remarries.  On March 30,1871 Noah is married to Nancy A. Noble she is the daughter of Joshua Noble. Noah and Nancy and family are found in New Boston Township in the 1880 census.  Noah was listed as a fish peddler, and they have three children as of 1880: Harry O., age 6, Joshua E., age 4, and William, age 2.
No burial records are found for Noah.  (See Larrance page for more details)
About Noah's Parents:  Jonathan Larrance was born on 8/30/1806 in Randolph County, North Carolina.  He married Elizabeth Swafford 4/25/1830 in Henry County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was possibly a daughter of Jeremiah Swafford.  Jonathan is listed in the 1860 Census as a farmer.
Jonathan & Elizabeth Swafford Larrance's Children: 
  • Louisa *B. Lawrence, born:
  • Eleanor W. Lawrence, born:
  • Noah Noble Lawrence, born:
  • All born in Indiana,
  • and  Americus Lawrence, born in Iowa.
(*I recall Irene calling her Louisa BROWN Larrance.  Not sure if that is her middle name or not.  I always thought she had been married previously and BROWN was her first married name but as young as she was when she married Grandpa William Perry Myers I doubt this was her second marriage.  I'll have to research this one more.)

I had originally mistaken this photo for Noah N. Larrance because it was next to A. Alice in Album

Located in Album next to the photo that might be Clayton

Twins Clayton and Clara Mannon:  Jane and Cyrus had a set of twins.  A son Clayton Mannon and daughter Clara J. Mannon, born 3/4/1850 in New Boston,  Mercer County IL.  (NOTE: I believe these photos are Clayton & Clara.  Photos are located in the family album with several others that are labeled Amanda Alice Mannon.  They also look like they were taken in the same time period and the male photo is stamped by the same photographer as Amanda's photo - Wm.C. Benedict PHOTOGRAPHER, New Boston, IL.  Since both twins died at a young age these photos were probably taken shortly before thier deaths, IF they are indeed Clayton & ClaraCan anyone ID them for certain?)
UPDATE: On July 30, 2008 Don Severs, descendant of John Hartford Mannon sent me a photo of Cyrus T. Mannon and his son's. Now I'm certain this is indeed a photo of Clayton.  Check out all Don's Photo's @
Clayton died 3/24/1872 at age 22 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery not far from grandparents, Andrew and Mary Myers. As far as we can tell Clayton was never married.
Alyea/Danford Family Info: Clayton's twin sister Clara J. Mannon married Mozart Danford, son of  William and Mary Alyea Danford Willits on 7/23/1871 in Mercer County. Clara died on 7/16/1876 at age 26 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery.
Mary Alyea was born 5/31/1823 in Butler County, Ohio, and died 10/24/1883 in New Boston Township. Information on her is found the History of Mercer County, 1882 and the Noble/Rader History, by Robert Melvile Danford, a grandson of Mary's. Mary Alyea (1st) married William Danford on 9/13/1845 in Mercer County. William Danford died 7/27/1850 enroute to California during the California gold rush.  The widow, Mary Alyea Danford was married (2nd) to William Willits, son of Jesse and Susanna Van Horn Willits on 3/10/1852 in Mercer County. 
Children of Mary Alyea and William Danford were: William Beverly Danford - born 6/29/1846, married Alice Kesler, and died 7/21/1913 in San Diego, California;
Melville Cox Danford - born 9/22/1847, married Dora Noble, daughter of David and Sarah Rader Noble, 2/24/1876, and died 8/24/1894 in New Boston Township;
Joseph Alyea Danford - born 12/5/1848, married Fannie Strong, died 10/17/1922 Winfield, Kansas;
Mozart Danford - born 3/16/1850, (Clara Mannon's Husband), he died 4/1931 Berkeley, California.
Melville Cox Danford - was the father of Robert Melvile Danford who wrote the Noble/Rader History.  

UPDATED INFO: Clayton Hale Mannon, was just approaching manhood when he was stricken with Brights disease, and died March 22, 1872, living only 22 years and 10days old.  He was a young man beloved by all who knew him.
Clara Irene Mannon, married Mozart Danford, son of William Danford and Mary (Alyea) Danford Willits, on Sunday July 23, 1871, which was the same day and place as her sister Elvira (Elvy) Mannon was married to Henry Wallace Prouty
Clara Irene and Mozart Danford lived in Mercer County, but their married life was cut short when Clara suddenly died. They had only been married five years, when she died on July 17, 1876, at the young age of 26 years, five months and 12 days. 
To Clara Irene (Mannon) and Mozart Danford was born one daughter:
  • Clara Bessie..............June 20, 1874

Born June 20, 1874

Clara Bessie Danford, the only Child of Mozart and Clara Irene (Mannon) Danford, was born June 20, 1874 in Mercer County, Illinois.
After the death of her young mohter, Bessie, as she was called by her family, was taken by her Grandmother Danford (Willits) and reared to womanhood, living part of the time with her Aunt Flora Willits in Neponeet, Illinois.
Bessie (1st) married R.P. Hinman of Newton, Illinois in 1896 and divorced him in 1899.  She then went to Chicago and took a complete course from the "Post Graduate Hospital", graduating with honors in 1901, and practiced as a trained nurse until her (2nd) marriage with Roy I Haselwood which occured June 10, 1906, in Michigan City, Indiana.  Roy was born in Payson, Illinois. They had no family (at the time of this writting).  They lived in Chicago, Illinois where Mr Haselwood was a salesman.

00/00/1852 - 00/00/1926

Jan 1858 - 1936

Arthur Mannon Family:  Arthur Warren Mannon was the fifth child and third son, born July 4, 1852 in New Boston, Mercer County, IL.  He died in 1926 and is buried in New Boston Cemetery.  He married Anna Neff, daughter of Christian and Catherine Wolfe Neff, on  10/4/1880.  Anna was born about 1858, died 1936 and is buried next to her husband in New Boston Cemetery.
Catherine Wolfe Neff had six brothers. One of them was Solomon Wolfe. Solomon was born in Germantown, Montgomery County, Ohio, 3/28/1815. Solomon and brother Washington Wolfe married sisters, Eveline and Rebecca  Marlatt. They were the daughters of Thomas & Elizabeth Beller Marlatt of Wayne County, Indiana.  Solomon and Evaline were married on 3/19/1839 in Wayne County, Indiana. They all probably moved to Mercer County in about 1845 to live by their brother Jacob. 
TWELVE CHILDREN were born to Solomon and his wife Evaline. They had two sons and ten daughters, but three of those daughters and one son died in childhood. One of those living daughters was Catherine Wolfe wife of Christian Neff.
Solomon was very energetic and looking for success when he came to Mercer County. The year after moving to Mercer County he bought 80 acres of land in New BostonTownship. Later he moved to Abington Township, where he had a 600 acre farm, and several other little farms. He was a promoter of the first bank of Keithsburg, The Farmers' National Bank, which had a capital of $50,000. He also made large loans from his own personal account. He never hoarded his wealth, but gave it freely to his children. Next to William Drury he was the wealthiest man in Mercer County and played a big part in bringing the railroads to Keithsburg.  (Click here See more WOLFE Family History)
Children of Arthur & Anna Neff - Mannon: 
  • Troy............................April 26, 1881
  • Lura............................July 17, 1883
  • Floyd..........................December 27, 1885
  • Guy.............................January 13, 1888
  • Fred............................June 14, 1889
  • Goldie.........................January 25, 1892
  • *Grace........................February 11, 1895
  • Forrest.........................May 21, 1898
  • Mark...........................October 24, 1899

Troy, Floyd, Grace, Forrest and Mark were all born in New Boston, Illinois.  Guy was born in Wapello, Iowa and Fred and Goldie were born in Mannon, Illinois.

Lura Fay (Mannon) Ballard Family Lura Fay Mannon, the second child and eldest daughter of Arthur Warren & Anna (Neff) Mannon, married Roy Ballard on May 1, 1907.  They had one son:

  • Lyle

I find no more information on this family at this time.

SAD INFO ON THE AURTHUR MANNON FAMILY: This information was gathered from the New Boston Cemetery records and tells a pretty grim tale of this families fate. 
  • Troy Mannon, born 1881, died 1884 (age 3) Troy was the eldest child of Arthur Warren and Anna (Neff) Mannon.  He was born April 26 in New Boston, Illinois, 1881 and died Sept 13, 1884 at the age of 3 years, five months and 17 days.
  • Floyd Mannon, born 1885, died 1938 (age 53) Floyde was the third child and second son of Arthur Warren and Anna (Neff) Mannon. He was born December 27, 1885 in New Boston, Illinois and died in 1938.
  • Guy Mannon, born 1888, died 1918 (age 30) Guy was the fourth child and third son of Arthur Warren and Anna (Neff) Mannon. He was born January 13, 1888 in Wapello, Iowa and died in 1918.
  • Fred Mannon, born 1889, died 1921 (age 32) Fred was the fifth child and fourth son of Arthur Warren and Anna (Neff) Mannon. He was born June 14, 1889 in Mannon, Illinois and died in 1921.
  • Troy Mannon born 3/26/1892, died 9/12/1894 (age 2) Not sure at this point who this Troy is?  The Mannon History Records only show one Troy.
  • Maye S. Mannon, born 1898, died 1947 (age 49) Not sure at this point who this Maye is?  The Mannon History Records do not show a Maye, unless this is a middle name, being used as the first name.  BUT I'm guessing she was a wife to a Mannon son?

MANNON - HISTED LINAGE You can kind of follow the linage and tradgic events of the Mannon - Histed family through the Histed Obituaries (See Family Obituary Page).


1900 CENSUS: From the 1900 census we find the follwoing info: #333 New Boston Town: Arthur Mannon, born July 1852, married 19 years, merchant, general store, own home free and clear, born In, father Va, mother Oh; Anna, Jan 1858, 9 children born, 8 living, born In, parents born In; Lura Fay July 1883, 16, Il; Floyd A, Dec 1885, 14, Il; Guy Q, Jan 1888, 12, Iowa; Fred L, Jun 1889, 10, Il; Goldie C, Jan 1892, 8, Il; Grace, Feb 1895, 5; Forest, May 1898, 2, Il; Mark, 7/12, Oct 1899, Il.

GRACE HISTED - Photo Taken August 1983
Grace was the 1983 New Boston Fish Fry Parade Grand Marshall

Grace Mannon - Histed: Grace Mannon-Histed was the famous daughter of Arthur & Anna-Neff Mannon and the niece of the infamous, Solomon Wolfe.
Grace married Sylvester {Syl} Histed about 1921.  According to a New Boston news article: A. W. Mannon built a house in the 1870's where Grace Histed, his daughter, lived.
Grace's husband Syl Mannon was one of the many owner/operator's of the New Boston Ferry Service around 1941.  He ran the service until his death.  After his passing GRACE took over operation of the Ferry under the management of their son Troy and another man named Burr Hawkins.
GRACE was mayor of New Boston from 1956 to 1958 - the FIRST FEMALE mayor in not only New Boston & Mercer County BUT in the whole state of Illinois!

Taken By Photographer ~ W.H. Root Aledo, IL

Writting on photo: JUNE MANNON'S SON (Who's June)
Photographer stamp: von der Heiden, Newton, Kansas


I have several photo's with no names or info on them If anyone can help me ID these pics that would be AWESOME!

Elvira Mannon Prouty Family: Elvira (Elvy) Mannon.  Elvy was the youngest of six children and the third daughter born to Cyrus Tribte and Jane (Myers) Mannon.  She was born on 9/1/1854, in Mercer County, Il. 
Records state she married Henry Wallace Prouty son of Amos and Mary Lucia Stone Prouty of Vermont, Massachusetts, Mercer County, Illinois, and Harvey County, Kansas, on 7/23/1871 at New Boston, the same day and place as her sister Clara Irene Mannon was married to Mozart Danford.  Soon after they were married they traveled to Harvey County Kansas with the Prouty Family traveling by covered wagon. See lots of very interesting history & a story about this trip and lots of info on the Prouty Family on the Prouty Page). The Henry Wallace and Elvira Prouty family is found next door to Jane Myers Mannon in the 1880 Harvey County, Kansas, census. Jane must have followed her daughter and other relatives to Kansas after Cyrus's death.
*NOTE: Amos & Mary Prouty have three sons named Henry Wallace Prouty. 
  • #1) Henry Wallace Prouty born Dec 28, 1844 died Aug 29, 1845
  • #2) Henry Wallace Prouty born Mar 16, 1846 died Sept 28, 1846

Both infant sons are buried in the New Boston Cemetary. 

  • The third Henry Wallace survived and married Jane and Cyrus's daughter, Elvira Orlean Mannon

Children of Elvy (Mannon) & Henry Prouty To them were born three children:

  • Arthur Tribute.............................April 10, 1874
  • Nita Myrtle.................................Aug 6, 1878
  • June Rose...................................Jan 26, 1894

Elvy devoted much of her time to her poultry and dairy products.  Their home was in Hesston, Kansas where Mr Prouty was a successful farmer.  Their Farm was known as "Cedar Brook Farm".

Nita Myrtle (Prouty) McFarlane Family Nita Myrtle Prouty was the second child and first daughter born to Ely Orlean (Mannon) & Henry Wallace Prouty.  She was born in Harvy County, Kansas. She married William Harry McFarland on September 22, 1901 and made their home about a mile from her parents in Hesston, Kansas.

Taken around 9/17/1950


Morton D. Prouty Family:  (Photo Left)  This photo is titled Morton D. Prouty, Nauvoo Hat, New Boston Farm.  There's a date stamped on the back stating it was developed the week of Sept 17, 1950.
(Photo Lower Right) is "Mrs. Prouty" developed about the same time as Morton's photo left.

"Mrs. Prouty"
Taken around Sept 17, 1950

After their trip across the Mississippi into Kansas, seems part of the Prouty Family must have returned to New Boston and re-settled since Irene has photo's of "Morton Prouty" & "Mrs Prouty". 
I'll have to research to see which Family branch of the Prouty tree Morton comes from.  I'm guessing he must be related some how since I find several pictures of him in Irene's keepsakes.  (If anyone can help me out here, info would be much appreciated. THANK YOU!)
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