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Myers - Nelson Family Tree

1st Generation Col Andrew & Mary MYERS

Genealogy Research has become a favorite past time of mine! I started out putting family info together so that none of our rich family history would be lost. Now I seriously plan to gather as much info as possible and put it into a book &/or New Boston - Mercer County History Website for future generations.
If you have any corrections or ANYTHING at all you can add PLEASE contact me. In the mean time here's what I've managed to put together so far {with the help of MANY others}....


Black Type ~ As researched by: Jamie Dawn (Nelson-Russell) Paul &/or told to me by our Aunt Irene

People who know "Our Family" nowadays think we are just ordinary citizens of a small river town in Illinois (& Iowa). The truth is many of our anncestors played a big part in settling this part of Mercer County and others have left their mark all over history as well. Most of our family migrated here to New Boston, ILLINOIS in the early 1800's. Several left this small farming river town in the 1900's and headed in many different dirrections for bigger and better things like during the Gold Rush, some were in the News Paper business and some even went into politics. Others just didn't like the simple county life and traded it in for the action of big city life. Most of those who left were seperated and contacts with those family members and their branches eventually were totally lost. It would be so exciting to track all those family branches down again and see where they ended up in history!

(UPDATE: On Oct 20-23, 2011, We were fortunate enough to be reunited with descendants of the James Thomas Myers family from New York! It truely was an honor and a dream come true for me!)

I've always found our family background very exciting due to the stories told to me by our beloved, late Great Aunt, Mary (Irene) Nelson.  She planted seeds of mystery and suspence in my mind from the time I was a tiny girl, sitting on her lap listening to spell binding stories of trains, famous friends, Hobo's, horses, farms, floods and so much more.  When she passed away on March 15, 1995 all of this could have easily been lost with her.  BUT I was blessed not only with special memories but also to receive a chest full of her keepsakes including two family photo albums from the 1800's and many other photo's, letters and so much more.  I will try to share as much of her precious memories here with you on this website as possible. After all, those memories are the very fabric which our family today was carved from..... With that, I dedicate this website to her.

In honor of Irene's loving memory and pride of her family, I started researching our history around March of 2000. Since that time I have turned up many interesting facts which will eventually be put in my book.  The amazing facts I turn up never cease to amaze me. I'm totally spell bound by not only our Famous Family members, but by the courage and strenghth of all the early generations. It's because of them that we are here and growing so strong today.

Starting with the generation of *MY Children, with the help of fellow family researchers, I so far have traced our family back seven generations. {Now EIGHT!} Even though many family branches have moved out of this area, I am proud to say that there are many of us who are still here..... eight & even nine generations later! (*NOTE: Some family branches have evolved past MY Children's generation, expanding our family roots into the NINTH Generation and growing strong!) 

I pray all present generations as well as generations to come will take PRIDE in & Enjoy our family history as much as Irene did and I continue to do..... I find our family history an exciting, never ending treasure hunt!

Now I invite you to open wide the doors of your imagination and join me in my never ending journey into the past, present and future........

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Andrew 5/00/1797 - 1/22/1881 & Mary 10/00/1795 - 2/21/1876


Andrew and Mary (Lloyd) Myers {My Great Great Great Grand Parents} are the beginning roots of most of the Myers/Nelson families in the New Boston and Eliza Townships in Mercer County. They came to New Boston and settled with thier family in about 1836. 


{PLEASE NOTE: On April 21, 2013 - I was contacted Via email by yet another Myers Cousin, (HURRAAAAAAY!!!!!) He passed a letter onto me written by our Uncle Levi [his grt, grt grandfather]. It had new information that I will now be adding & using to make corrections to this site as well as on ~ All the new info will be typed in blue. A BIG THANK YOU For your help!}

Andrew was born June 11, 1796 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and died January 22, 1881 at the age of 84 years, 7 months and 11 days in Harvey County Kansas at the home of his daughter Margret (Myers) Commons. Andrew's family is from German descent but I’ve yet to find records as to when the family came to America or who his parents were. Son Levi once wrote in a letter that his father stood six feet tall without shoes, was spare, erect and athletic in person and as full of martial spirit as General Jackson himself.


Information as to our German descent can be found in another letter written by Levi in 1908, giving details to an Hon. E.D. Garrett, of our family history stating; "I must answer your inquiries almost wholly from memory, as I have scarcely any written documents on which to depend. The ancestor of our Myers family, John Myer, came to America from Germany more than 200 years ago so that we are thoroughly American. I learned from J. De------ of Philadelphia and he got his information through the settlement of land estates in Pennsylvania, where they lived. You will notice that the name is spelled Myer. The letter "s" was added by my father and his four brothers when they were young men in Ohio about 1820.


Before I received the new information on April 21, 2013 I had mistakenly listed Mary as the daughter of Shadrach and Elizabeth (Schrock) Lloyd through information I had gotten from a fellow "Myers Family" researcher who had contacted me via At the time the info sounded credible and I had no reason to doubt the two Mary Lloyd's were not one in the same. Now I have proof they are not and I apologize for this wrong information.


I also stated that after the death of Shadrach, Mary's mother, Elizabeth had remarried to Mathew Moppin, and that her siblings included Lewis, William, Sarah, and Fielden Etcheson Lloyd, and half siblings; Matthew and William Henry Moppin. NONE of this family history is correct.


Instead Uncle Levi's letter says "I know scarcely anything about my grand parents on my mother's side. His name was Thomas Lloyd, and her maiden name was Tomin. They raised six children, two boys and four girls. John the oldest son, was a farmer near Ottowa, Illinois and died there. Thomas was a contractor and was born in Ohio and died there. John left a large family of children but Thomas died childless. I remember two of the daughters names. Betsy Clark and Sarah Miller. So far as I know they all remained in Ohio.


The letter also states; "My father, Colonel Andrew Myers, was born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, June 11, 1796. My mother, Mary Lloyd, was born in the same county and state the same year on October 11. Their parents moved to Pickaway county, Ohio, and settled near the town of Tarlton in 1807. There they grew to manhood and womanhood and were married by Jacob List, a minister of the Luthern church, July 12, 1817".


Mary died February 21, 1876 at the age of 81 years 4 months and 10 days in Eddy, Wappelo County, Iowa and is buried in New Boston, Mercer County, Illinois. Her family is of Welsh descent, I’ve found no records yet as to how far back that goes, but Levi's letter confirms her origin: "Mother as you will notice by the name, Lloyd, was of Welsh origins- almost pure blood. Her mother's name was Tomlin."

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The 1909 obituary of (son) William Perry Myers tells the family lived near Tarlton, Pickaway County Ohio. A few years later they moved to Wayne County, Indiana and in 1836 they moved again, overland (trip occupying one month), to Mercer County, Illinois. 

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Jane Myers, born 12/15/1818, Tarlton, Pickaway County, Ohio
William Perry Myers, born 12/13/1820, Pickaway County, Ohio
Sarah Ann Myers, born 9/13/1822, Pickaway County, Ohio
Mary Ann Myers, born 9/13/1822, Pickaway County, Ohio
Margaret Myers, born 1824-26, Pickaway County, Ohio
Orpha B. Myers, born 9/1/1827 Pickaway County, Ohio
Levi Willits Myers, born 7/15/1830, Wayne County, Indiana
Matilda Myers, born Feb 1833, Wayne County, Indiana
Louisa Myers, born about 1835, Wayne County, Indiana
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Although Andrew was listed as Colonel, at first I found no records of him ever being in the service.  As I searched one idea came from My uncle Donnie, who told me that way back when; AUCTIONEERS also used the title of Colonel, just like: Colonel SANDERS from KFC fame.  Since I THOUGHT that Grandpa Andrew had never been in the service, I believed that maybe he could have been an Auctioneer too.

Another thought I briefly pondered..... after reading through some of these old records/papers and seeing how "Colonel" was sometimes used, I thought it might be possible that "COLONEL" was NOT a "title" BUT instead his fist name?

But long last I found my answer here:


COPIED this INFO FROM: Life Along the Mississippi River in the 1800's New Boston and Eliza Townships, Mercer County, Illinois ~ Mercer County History Website put together By cousins Jill Martin & Nadine Holder.

Part 2: Mercer County - 1834 to 1845
Under ~
Forming the First Militia
Though the Black Hawk War was over, there was still a good deal of nervousness about the Indians. In the 1840's the Governor of Illinois commissioned Andrew
Myers to form a militia. He did so with William Nevius as Lieutenant Colonel and Benijah Lloyd as Major. This was the only organization of this kind formed in the County until the Civil War. They met for drill at Millersburg and parade days brought hundreds from around the County to watch. "The companies were well drilled, fully officered, fairly uniformed and armed with such guns as pioneers had for hunting and common protection." (Ref: Historicaly Encyclopedia of Illinois & History of Mercer County, 1903)

*SEE Above Photo of Andrew and wife Mary

The Above photo shows the Col in partial Uniform. I also have SEVERAL other photo's of men in uniform with NO NAMES? I'll post those on another page a little later. I'm hoping that someone can help me ID them someday.

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I'm trying to trace the Eliza and Millersburg Lloyds to see if Andrew's wife Mary was related to them in any way.  They came to Mercer County from Pennsylvania which is where Both Andrew and Mary were born.  But Andrew and Mary had moved to Ohio prior to coming to Mercer Coutny. I'm thinking that Grandpa Andrew must have been well aquainted with Benijah Lloyd in order to recruit him as Major in the first malitia. (If you can help me trace this family line please contact me THANKS)

{We now know from Uncle Levi's letter that Thomas Lloyd was the of Mary's  father. Still not sure what her mother's first name was but her maiden name was either Tomlin or Tomin. They had five children besides Mary; John, Thomas, Betsy, Sarah and one other daughter.}

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Andrew and Mary as well as some other family members came to settle in New Boston, Mercer County in about 1836. In the Public Land Claims section of Jill and Nadine's website they list the names of several families making Public Land Claims, it says: "According to public domain land records (see Illinois Archives), of those settlers making early land claims in New Boston and Eliza Townships between 1835 and 1840 included the name of Andrew Myers".


In May 1812, Congress passed a law which set aside land as payment to volunteer soldiers for the War of 1812. The land that was set aside was in the states of Arkansas, Michigan and Illinois. The tract was surveyed in 1815 - 1816 and opened for settlement for the soldiers and their families. Mercer County, Illinois was part of that land set aside for the soldiers. 

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From the 1875 Plat Book

The Map of New Boston Township (left) from the 1875 Plat Book shows ANDREW MYERS land was located on the Edwards River NE of New Boston and directly East of (in) Mannon.  The 1860 Census shows Andrew & Mary's Daughter Jane & Son-In-Law Cyrus Mannon were living in New Boston Township next to them.  The close up of the 1875 Plat Map below shows that C T Mannon still had land right next to Andrew Myers, 15 years later.
After taking a closer look at the 1875 Plat Map I discovered A MYERS also owned a small strip of land on the South side of the Edwards River just under C.T. Mannon's land.
These two branches of the family must have been very close, they not only lived next to each other during life, they are also buried side by side in the New Boston Cemetery.  Even though both Andrew and his daughter Jane Myers Mannon moved to Harvey County Kansas after the deaths of thier spouses to live with realitives who had migrated there, they were both brought back to New Boston for burial. 

Above Picture copied from 1875 New Boston TWNSHP Plat Map

Below is an aerial view from 2007 of the same area where Grandpa Andrew & Aunt Jane's family farms were locted on the Edwards River in the 1800's. You can see a corner of the "old town" of Mannon to the far left. Surprising to me, there is still a tree line close to the River Banks in 2007, much like the one shown in the 1875 drawing. It's on opposites sides of the bank now, but I'm happy to see there are still trees growing in that area, unlike so many other places where tree's are found few and far between!

ANDREW MYERS LAND East of Mannon on the Edwards
as it's seen today from an Arial View

1840 CENSUS: Andrew and some of his family are found in the 1840 census: T14N R5W Andrew Myers, males, 1 40-50, 1 15-20, 1 5-10; females 1 40-50, 1 20-30, 3 15-20, 1 20-15, 1 5-10, 1 under 5.
1850 CENSUS: In 1850 they are found in Township 14 North, Range 4 West: #484 Andrew Myres, 54, farmer, farm valued $1500, born Pa; Mary, 53, Pa; William, 29, Oh; Margaret Clark, 24, Oh; Orpha, 23, Oh; Levi, 20, In: Matilda, 17, In; Louisa 14, In; Ida Clark, 4, Il.

The large family had dispersed by 1860 CENSUS: New Boston Township #1821, next to son-in-law Cyrus Mannon: Andrew Myers, 64, farmer, born Pa; Mary Myers, 63, born Pa; Caroline Felman, 14, born Prussia.
1865 CENSUS: Andrew Myers is found in the 1865 Manufacturing and Agricultural Census in New Boston Township: 1 male and 1 female, age 60-70, value of livestock $350, value of grain $350, pounds of wool, 75.
1870 CENSUS: In 1870 Andrew and Mary were living with son-in-law David Kirlin in New Boston Town: Andrew Myers, 73, retired farmer, born Pa; Mary Myers, 73, born Pa. (More Proof that early records are not always correct: Andrew was suppose to be born in 1797 and Mary in 1795, two years apart, yet the 1870 census lists them as being the same age?)


Andrew & Mary remained in New Boston for most of the rest of their lives. Mary died in Eddyville, Wappelo County, Iowa. Eddyville is where their daughter Matilda and son-in-law James Cowley & children lived from abt 1870 to 1880's, so they must have been visiting during the time of her death.

For a short time after her death Andrew must have went to Kansas to stay with his daughter Margaret.  Census records show Andrew was in Harvey County, Kansas, in the 1880 census, at the home of his daughter Margaret (Myers) Commons, where he died the following year. Both Andrew & Mary are buried in the New Boston Cemetary.

Andrew 1796 - 1881~ Mary 1794 -1876

This Tombstone is located along side the road on the South side of the New Boston Cemetary on the main (original) road leading into the cemetary.

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FROM: History of Mercer & Henderson Counties

The following incident shows the power of a bad habit: William Drury and Dudley Wil­litts were intelligent, strong-minded men and exemplary citizens. Both were addicted to the tobacco habit and both tried to break away from it. Mr. Drury had resisted the desire for "a chew" for several months, but his nerves became unstrung. At last one day he found himself standing astride the stile leading to the barn with a bucket of water in each hand. How long he had stood there he did not know, but coming to himself, he said: Well, if doing without tobacco makes a man such a confounded fool as that, I will take to it again"— and he did to the day of his death. Mr. Willitts was equally unsuccessful. Colonel Myers chewed from the age of fourteen to sixty, when, becoming disgusted with the habit, he quit square off, and never resumed.
If You Have family info, photo's, ideas to share PLEASE be sure to contact me.....our family history will not be complete until you contact me!
OR find me on FACEBOOK ~ Jamie Dawn (Nelson-Russell) Paul